Dérive GPS Jacket

To dérive is to drift the urban landscape based on intuition. To allow for the serendipities of the city to open up new neurological pathways within the brain.

To allow oneself to simply “cruise” as Timothy Levitch would call it. This wearable tackles the problem of being able to navigate throughout the city without a phone on hand, allowing users to be in control of their journey rather than looking down habitually for precise directions.

As the individual walks through the city with the wearable on, the fabric would expand and contract the left and right panels of the vest. The user would feel pressure and heat on either side of the stomach, guiding them towards their location.

By using the Adafruit Arduino, a number of commands could be used to activate different functions of the jacket (nitinol wire being only one possibility.)

A cafe on Foursquare with 9.0 ratings and above could trigger the heart to heat up. Although perhaps this could be a rarity for New York in 2021. If you’re walking through the post-covid city at night, it might be best to also have your smartphone on hand for this one.