Steven is an architectural designer living in the Lower East Side in New York City.  

He began his architectural career by studying design, theory and philosophy in close proximity to Apple in Cupertino. He set out to discover a career in creating physical places in the city that could bring people together.

In 2011 he moved to New York City to attend Pratt Institute in New York City for a Bachelor of Architecture degree, gaining an education and exposure to architectural practice and contemporary design. He worked at Efficiency Lab for Architecture, SOM in Chicago, Lynch Eisinger Design, and Leong Leong.

In 2020, the pandemic and social upheaval shed light on the importance of integrated architecture with the social discourse of a new paradigm. He began working with Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan on an inclusive park downtown formerly known as the Brooklyn Banks. He also began collaborating on Martinez Playground in Bushwick with the Tony Hawk Foundation and affiliates of “Blue Park.”

He currently works at Marvel Architects while starting exams to become a licensed architect.

Looking into the future he hopes to continue on projects in the public realm while working on new typologies of architecture; that speak to the classic spirit of New York while connecting with the civic duties of a new era.