Alpamanta Winery

Located in the mineral rich valley at the foothills of the Andes in Mendoza, Argentina, this winery uses the traditional components of a winery building typology and envisions the program through a contemporary lens.

Traditionally, wine making has always been about being in touch with the Earth, the climate, and the organic soils that allows the grapes to grow in nutrient rich settings.

The process of wine making is as follows:

Harvesting > Crushing & Pressing > Fermentation > Blending > Stabilizing > Storing & Aging > Filtration > Bottling > Dispatch > Consumption

The organization of Alpamanta Winery takes into account these processes and organizes them into distinct programmatic blocks: 

The Production Facility
The Underground Storage
The Tasting & Educational Center

To the south of the fermentation and production wing, the Vendemmia is link between the architecture, biology, the culture of wine-making, minerals, and atmosphere.

Each of the programs are joined together by a curving roof canopy. At the center, a triangular courtyard is created as an atypical oculus.